What to Buy For Your Bearded Dragon

Shopping List (Required Items)

To begin, you will need to consider what type of enclosure and size to get for your Bearded Dragon. If you are getting a baby Bearded Dragon, then I would recommend getting a 20 gallon terrarium. Although, if you are getting a juvenile or adult Bearded Dragon, then I recommend getting a 40 gallon terrarium or larger. If you decide to get a custom built enclosure, then I would suggest that you aim for dimensions of 36Lx24Dx18H or 48Lx24Dx18H.

Bearded Dragons require certain temperatures. For this reason, a heat bulb will be required. In short, you will need a heat bulb that has a wattage hot enough to generate a basking spot of 95-110F and a cool side of 80F. Of course, you will also have to buy a fixture for the bulb. Please note, you can use a round household bulb, halogen flood light, or a reptile branded bulb to provide heat.

Bearded Dragons require UVB/UVA. As a result, I highly recommend buying the Reptisun 10.0 T5 High Output bulb along with an appropriate fixture for it (Zoo Med makes them). Please note, the UVB/UVA bulb should span two-thirds of the Bearded Dragon's enclosure. In other words, get a bulb that is long enough to accomplish this. For example, if you have an enclosure that is 36 inches wide, then you'll want the UVB/UVA bulb to be around 24 inches. Also, if you plan to mount the bulb within the enclosure (which is ideal), then you can buy an under the cabinet fixture along with the appropriate mounting hardware.

Bearded Dragon require a certain temperature and humidity range. As a result, you will need a digital thermometer with a probe that is capable of monitoring the enclosure temperature as well as humidity percentage. In short, I would recommend buying an AcuRite.

To make your Bearded Dragon a little more comfortable, it will need a substrate (bedding). Unfortunately, most substrates sold at pet stores are not safe (such as sand). For this reason, I would recommend that you purchase any of the following instead: non-adheisve shelf liner, paper towels, slate tile, or reptile carpet.

To provide your Bearded Dragon with some entertainment (things to climb on or hide in), you will need some tank decorations. To clarify, you can buy sticks, rocks, hides, fake plants, hammocks etc. Basically, get creative at this point and have fun.

Of course, you will need to feed your Bearded Dragon. For live food, I recommend that you buy any of the following: dubia roaches, crickets, locust, phoenix worms, or silkworms. Please note, it is ideal to have variety in your Bearded Dragon's diet so I suggest to mix and match whenever possible.

It is important to dust your Bearded Dragon's live food with the appropriate supplements. With this in mind, I recommend that you buy the Rep-Cal calcium with D3 as well as the Rep-Cal Herptivite. Please note, other brands are acceptable as long as it has calcium with D3.

Live food is not the only thing that Bearded Dragon eat, they also eat greens. With that in mind, I recommend that you buy any of the following greens: mustard, turnip, dandelion, collard, endive, or escarole.

Since you'll be feeding your reptile often, I recommend buying a food dish that is deep enough so that the live food (such as worms or dubia roaches) cannot escape. Overall, this will make life a little bit easier for not only you, but your dragon as well.

Please note, a mister should not be used to mist your Bearded Dragon's enclosure. In fact, misting is not good for these reptiles unless they are shedding. However, a mister can still be helpful for other reasons, such as misting greens or cleaning the enclosure. With this in mind, I recommend buying a mister.

Shopping list (optional items)

A dropper can be very helpful for providing water. In fact, this is my favorite method to provide water. How does this work? All you do is fill the eyedropper or syringe with water and drop some of it on the Bearded Dragon's nose and the reptile should make a habit of licking it off.

If you plan to take your Bearded Dragon out of its enclosure (specifically outdoors), then you may want to buy some sort of playpen.

Speaking of going outdoors, you might also want to buy a reptile leash. In brief, a reptile leash will help prevent your Bearded Dragon from running off if it gets scared by something.

Because you will have to turn on and off the Bearded Dragon's lights every day, I highly recommend buying a 24/7 digital timer for the lights. In summary, this will make your life easier since the lights will automatically turn on and off when you schedule them to do so.

If you plan to buy live food in bulk, then you will need a place to store the insects. With that said, I suggest buying a rubbermaid tote that is large enough to house whatever quantity of insects or worms that you get.

Dangerous Products!

To keep this brief, I do NOT recommend buying any of the following items for your Bearded Dragon. Basically, these products are dangerous (or not healthy) for your reptile.

  • Heat rocks
  • Under tank heaters
  • Colored bulbs (e.g. red).
  • Loose substrate (e.g. sand).

If you want more information as to why these products are not recommended, then please read our care sheet here.

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